The Global Good Project is an initiative of Cotopaxi and Utah Open Source Foundation designed to match the incredible talent of the Utah tech community with the needs of New Americans throughout Salt Lake. We partner with the International Rescue Committee to empower the individuals they serve through computer science education and together build solutions to identified community needs.

291 Hours

Total Time Donated

$ 59,345

Total Value of Volunteer Time

$ 1750

Donated Refurbished Hardware

Skills-Based & Pro Bono Volunteerism

Help us create tangible impact through the power of skills-based and pro bono volunteerism.

•  Tech Mentors

The Tech Mentors program provides in-home technical training and support to refugee families recently resettled into the Salt Lake City area. Families participating in the program receive a donated computer system from Utah Open Source and a skilled mentor who provides needs-based training on computer navigation, digital literacy and security, and other key, foundational topics.

•  The Coding Project

The Coding Project brings together a community of corporate leaders to foster computer science talent within the local refugee population.  This program is designed to facilitate meaningful skills-transfer which empowers refugees to chart a course to professional and educational development opportunities, and ultimately meaningful, sustainable careers.

Open Philanthropy

Open Philanthropy is a model designed to engage the open source community in building sustainable and scalable solutions for the nonprofit sector. Priorities are identified together with nonprofit partners and solutions are built in the open source community by skilled professionals. Solutions are designed to be need-based, tested, dynamic and free.

•  Project SAFE

Geared to help the refugee communicate quickly and effectively with Law Enforcement, Project SAFE is a mobile application that is loaded onto the phones of the refugee community.  The app allows them to send their location and the general nature of the emergency and to have that communication be received to 911 dispatch in English.