We need you

Our work is only possible when people like you step forward.  Helping can take the form of time, talent and donations.  Help make a difference in the lives of people in your area who need your help.

Volunteer Time

From Tech Mentors to other projects, the gift of time is something that is sorely needed.  Projects range from working directly with families to helping to test applications.

Volunteer Talent

Technologists are greatly needed.  Programmers can contribute by writing code to be used by the communities.

Donate Hardware

We request that computer equipment be 5 years or less and be functional at the time of donation.  While we prefer laptops, we do take desktops, USB keyboard & mice and LCD monitors.  We do NOT accept CRT monitors, nor computers that are nonfunctional.

More Information

For companies and professionals interested in helping us build the next generation of computer scientists in Utah by leveraging your team’s time and talent for good please reach out to impact@cotopaxi.com.